Drama Online - a meeting place and model for the publisher, audience, and teacher

Research Cooperative
01/07/17 07:18:57PM

Self description:   " The award-winning Drama Online introduces new writers alongside the most iconic names   in playwriting history, providing  contextual and critical background through scholarly works and practical guides....  Our constantly growing collection meets the full range of teaching needs for theatre studies, literature courses and drama schools.


The Research Cooperative comments:   Drama Online  is a meeting place and model for the publisher, audience, and teacher.

The content is curated by a publisher, and of course leads readers to books and other media produced by that publisher. But other publishers are introduced, and the focus of the site is not to sell books, but to provide an highly focused educational resource for students and teachers. In this case, the focus is on drama and theatre: play-scripts, past performances, current trends in drama, authors, actors, acting, and literary criticism.

The offerings are not free. Subscription is required. It seems like a good way to add value to all the publications, films, documentaries, and courses introduced -- and a good way for a publisher to survive in a world where so much information is free, but scattered without context or curation. Free information is good, but we also need places that provide direction and a way to learn from all the people involved in a particular subject area, while ultimately paying for the cost of acquiring and providing their knowledge.

Information alone, without context or perspective, is less useful than information that is contextualised and explained. We need opportunities for both independent and guided learning. 

"Drama Online" is not the only experiment in online learning and teaching. Members of the Research Cooperative are encouraged to consider how knowledge in their own fields of interest can be transmitted effectively, and to report here on their own findings.