Communication Learning in Practice for Scientists (CLIPS)

Research Cooperative
19/07/17 09:52:33AM

I am cross-posting this information from the PCST listserv as the CLIPS site looks very useful. The section on designing posters looks very useful. Many other kinds of communication are covered.

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PCST announcement from Susan Rowland of the University of Queensland (13 July 2017):

Dear Colleagues,
  • My colleagues and I have recently competed and launched CLIPS (Communication Learning in Practice for Scientists).
  • You can find it at .....
  • CLIPS is a site designed to help academics and their students with communication-related activities in science courses. We have built modules on communicating with numbers, presenting data, writing, infographics, posters, talks, referencing, and more.
  • We have also built introductory material on the theory of communication, plus a special section on answering short answer questions (which addresses Blooms Revised Taxonomy, levels of cognition, and action verbs in questions).
  • We have over 6000 students at UQ using the site through our LMS, with overwhelmingly positive feedback (96% of students say they are going to use the site again). We have built the duplicate .edu site on Wordpress after requests for access from other universities. 
  • The Wordpress site hosting is funded by UQ, so  the site will remain open for use by you and your students. We hope you enjoy CLIPS and welcome your feedback!

Susan (@SusanRowland_UQ)