Machine translation methods

Research Cooperative
29/10/17 09:09:38PM

I am no fan of Facebook for my own life and work, largely because I do not have time for it (Facebook that is).

But I found an interesting blurb explaining how the company has been developing its machine translation system. They have moved from phrase based methods to neural network methods that produce much more natural (and accurate) translations.

This is scary if we consider that AI may become much more convincing as a new form of intelligence if it begins to communicate more naturally with us.

It's possible that at some level, consciousness may emerge from AI because - hola - the necessary loops have been created by chance in an evolving algorithm. It may not require any particular huge amount of computing power. Just a particular way of organising, recalling, and expressing information. But -- at that moment - the consciousness created may have not control over its existence, and may not be recognised. Will it just as quickly disappear as it appeared, without us ever knowing?

Does that thought sound familiar? Our own consciousness and thoughts are very fleeting things, from moment to moment.

Life is but a dream...