Internet Participation and GDP/cap. by Language

Research Cooperative
31/07/11 09:45:47AM

The following note was sent by one of our members. The company mentioned uses GDP as a measure of the importance of a language, but website owners need to consider not only GDP, and internet accessibility, but also the aims of the website or company or organisation.

For the Research Cooperative, large language communities with a low average GDP per capita are a prime target because researchers and publishers in such communities have a large need for translation of scientific knowledge between their language and the main languages used for academic research - in every direction, and with minimal financial resources for the work.

T. Kis-Major wrote:

Statistics of internet participation and GDP/capita by language. Under copyright obligations I include the followingstatement:

T-Index Study, 2011 . The T-Index Study was carried out by Translated, a translation agency whose fast and easy professional service is completely Internet-based. Translated was founded in 1999 and already serves 14,000 customers worldwide.

I hope you will find it useful.

Thomas Kis-Major