Access to our Photo Gallery and members' image portfolios

Research Cooperative
22/01/12 12:55:37PM

Previously our Photo and Video content was introduced on the top page of our network, but this slowed down the site for most users. These two areas were then linked to subtabs under the Chat menu, near the far right of the main menu bar, and thus became effectively invisible.

Yesterday I demoted Chat to the 1st subtab and promoted Photo Gallery and Add photos to the 2nd and 3rd tabs under a new main tab called Media.

The main tab (and all that is under it) have been promoted further by shifting them leftwards.

The general principle being followed here is that navigational tools for the more interactive content of our network should hang to the left and top of the website, where it is more accessible or visible.

Our Photo Gallery makes it possible for members of the Research Cooperative to prrepare a portfolio of images related to their work - as researchers, or as illustrators and graphic designers.

If you would like others to see an image portfolio, please

  • copy and paste a link to your images into the signature of your usual email address, or
  • into the self-description on your profile page here at the Research Cooperative.
  • introduce the portfolio in the personal blog attached to your profile page. here at the Research Cooperative (or in any other blog or website you may be using).

Once a portfolio has been made, there are many ways that you help other people find it.