Is it true? Robot University is coming soon?

Research Cooperative
31/01/12 09:12:40PM

I had a walk last weekend with a visitor from the USA. He thinks too many universities are asking their teaching staff to use boxed set courses that cover everything - from teaching notes to reading materials to tests - because they can get discounts from suppliers and increase profit margins. The teacher is just there to read the notes and deliver the materials.

Is it true?

If it is, then I can see Sony putting out a line of talking robots with pre-programmed lectures on all manner of topics, and even able to deliver the courses using the (sampled) voice of a famous teacher, scientist....

Student interjections and questions? Well, they can be automatically transcribed and ported to an online database of common interjections and answers. Students? Attendance is optional. Just set up an avatar on a front desk screen and port the lecture directly into your mobile phone while having coffee in another city.

If the Robot teachers and Avatar students get bored, the AI settings can be toned down for the duration.

Living students and teachers don't need to study, teach, see, or talk to each other. Their job is now to make online orders for purchases from "Global Retail: One-Stop Shop 'til We Drop".

For our human existence.

Boxed-set university courses from the early 21st C. are going cheap...