international patent certificate, IPC Atn. Cl.8

Ayam Victor Singh
30/11/12 06:22:40PM

I have read the onlineavailableguide for IPC Int. Cl.8 codes, 8th edition International Patent certificate code guide published in 2006 it was explained clearly with examples.

But, the detail codes are not found anywhere and I'm finding it difficult to give the codes of my work- which is documentation on wild food plants which are also used as ethno-medicine (neutraceutical plants) of certain tribes of India.

eg. IPC Int.Cl. 8: A61p23/00-- I know of the code and the meaning through the guide as it was under the example given in the guide.

The problem is How to give the code of the work? For this i need the detail codes and their representations.

Therefore, kindly help to get the code or suggest me if there are alternatives to get the codes.