Research image collections

Research Cooperative
28/05/14 07:22:56AM

Many researchers have very large image collections, in various media, that are likely to be lost when we retire or die.

As each year passes, I add another 500 or 1000 photos to my collection (mainly from fieldwork). Apart from the few that I have published in research papers, none of these are accessible or useful for other people.

I would like to select just ten of my best photos every year, and then deposit them in a permanent academic or public archive somewhere. Making good quality prints for a selected few might be the best guarantee for longer term preservation.

It does not matter what specialisation our images are related to. What is important is the preservation of images for which at least a minimum explanation is recorded. Then they will be of interest and use to someone, sometime, somewhere.

How do other members of our network manage their own photo collections?

Here is a group page within the Research Cooperative where we can introduce and discuss image collections and archives at great length.

SEE: /community/group/35/image-collections