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    All members of the Research Cooperative are invited to join a variety of focus groups in the categories listed here (see active links).

    • Join the communities in "Services" to discuss working with editors, translators, and others.
    • Learn about "Publishing " from peers and practitioners.
    • Explore the means and ends of communication in disciplines or specific research areas in "Topic".
    • Investigate local traditions and new directions in scientific communication and education in your own or other countries, in "Country".
    • Revisit your home university or learn about other universities and their writing courses or publishing activities in "University".
    • Support local-language/global-language publishing in the languages you work or live with, in "Language".

    Much more is possible. Here are forums and groups in our experimental audio hub.

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    Research Cooperative

    A domain name for this group (possibly temporary)

    Currently the Research Cooperative owns a domain name that now points to this community page for translation. This might eventually become a...
    @Research Cooperative started 2 days ago - replies: 0
    Research Cooperative

    Online Resource for Japanese Archaeology & Cultural Heritage

    The Online Resource for Japanese Archaeology & Cultural Heritage (ORJACH) is a compilation by Dr Oki Nakmura of Ritsumeikan University, in...
    @Research Cooperative started 4 days ago - replies: 0
    Weed Biology

    Weed Biology

    Members: 0
    Description: ┬áThe objective of the group is to share experience and ideas on weed...
    Research Cooperative

    Group page themes

    Most Groups in our network (see main menu under Publishing) have been established to enourage focus on areas of particular interest, within...
    @Research Cooperative started 2 weeks ago - replies: 0
    Research Cooperative

    Search and Serendipity

    At the Research Cooperative, we take search and serendipity seriously. A happy serendipity happens when the path is clear, and our thoughts can...
    @Research Cooperative started 2 weeks ago - replies: 0