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Perhaps best known is the journal Economic Botany, now published by Springer Verlag for the Society of Economic Botany (previously published by the New York Botanical Gardens).

The online  journal Ethnobotany Research and Applications was recently formed to allow more rapid publication and more affordable access for ethnobotanical research. Another online publication, Ethnobotany Leaflets has similar aims.

Various ethnobiology, botany, ecology, food history journals also publish ethnobotanical papers, and numerous books on the subject have been published in the last two decades.

Members of this group are invited to report any local and international publications that publish ethnobotanical research (in any language). Please use the reply button underneath this message, or post a new message.

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'Ethnobotanical leaflets' is an online journal that publishes research papers related to ethnobotany.
Dear Sania,


The site for Ethnobotanical Leaflets includes numerous links that are also of interest, though not all current. My impression is that editing on contributions is not thorough, but the publication is presumably serving a useful function for its many contributors.

I have sent invitations to the editors to join our Research Cooperative, as our network may be useful for potential contributors to Ethnobotanical Leaflets.

Dear Peter Matthews,

The website of journal ethnobotanical leaflets showing latest updates upto year 2010. I think journal has been closed now. In year 2011, I had sent a article to regional editor but there was no response from him.

I believe the journal has been closed.


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