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  • Editors & proofreaders

    126 members Latest Activity: Mar 8

    Editors and proofreaders at the Research Cooperative, and others who would like to meet them

  • Translators

    119 members Latest Activity: Mar 12

    Translators at the Research Cooperative

  • Health and Medicine

    52 members Latest Activity: Feb 14

    Communicating health and medicine - in research, professional courses, and public education

  • Ethnobotany R & A

    52 members Latest Activity: Mar 7, 2013 A journal of plants, people, and applied research

  • Researchers

    48 members Latest Activity: Feb 14

    For graduate students and researchers in our network: the research life, and approaches to research communication; all fields, all countries

  • Sustainable Economic Development

    48 members Latest Activity: Mar 10, 2013 Building partnerships for the communication needs of projects that support sustainable economic development

  • Writing advice

    44 members Latest Activity: Feb 16

    Advice, questions, and answers on academic writing, science writing, technical writing, and the preparation of teaching materials.

  • Copyright and intellectual property

    42 members Latest Activity: Apr 6, 2013

    Research and publishing are activities that almost always involve the use and creation of intellectual property and copyrights. How do…

  • Food and Agriculture

    41 members Latest Activity: Jan 10 Communicating research on food, agriculture and people: conferences, authors, publishers, books, journals and media generally

  • Research Co-op India

    40 members Latest Activity: Oct 17, 2013

    A meeting place for Co-op members working in India, or seeking contacts in India. For researchers, teachers, students, editors, illustrators,…

  • Research Co-op USA

    39 members Latest Activity: Feb 21 A meeting place for Co-op members working in USA, or seeking contacts in the USA. For researchers, science writers, teachers, students, editors,…

  • Publishing & production

    38 members Latest Activity: Mar 25

    Focus group for practical publishing methods and services, history of publishing and production, the open access movement, and theoretical…

  • The Podium - all members welcome

    37 members Latest Activity: Jan 31

    Stand up, speak up, liven up our role in science communication. What can our network achieve? An open group for all members of the Research…

  • Transport

    36 members Latest Activity: Jun 25, 2013

    Transport methods and systems are hugely important for people in all societies. Communication of ideas, policies, and knowledge concerning…

  • Research Co-op Japan

    36 members Latest Activity: on Wednesday

    A meeting place for Co-op members working in Japan, or seeking contacts in Japan. For researchers, teachers, students, editors, illustrators,…

  • Research Co-op Australia

    32 members Latest Activity: Nov 25, 2013

    A meeting place for Co-op members working in Australia, or seeking contacts in Australia. For researchers, science writers, teachers, students,…

  • Chemical World

    29 members Latest Activity: on Tuesday Knowledge of chemistry is needed and communicated for many reasons. Let's consider all aspects of communicating knowledge of the chemical world

  • Volunteers for Communication

    27 members Latest Activity: Mar 11

    A meeting place for volunteers, potential volunteers, and others who would like to help the Research Cooperative develop as an international…

  • Social Sciences

    28 members Latest Activity: Feb 6

    Umbrella group for social sciences and social science communication. Explore research directions and choices for publishing

  • Archaeology Unearthed

    28 members Latest Activity: Jan 20 Archaeology can be communicated in many ways, to many audiences. Let's consider the possiblities, problems, and existing opportunities

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