Habis Said Al-Zoubi

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Location: Jordan
Work: Membrane Technology in water treatment and desalination processes. research interests: •Membranes Technology (including NF, UF, MF, and RO membranes) •Desalination process, Reverse and forward Osmosis •Water and wastewater treatment •Dissolved air flotation •Atomic force microscopy •Neural network model •Jojoba Oil and its applications
Biographical: Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, Ma'an, Jordan, P O BOX 20 Mobile: +962- (0)772254003 HabisAl-Zoubi@ahu.edu.jo, or habisa@yahoo.com
Favourite Publications: 1.Desalination 2.Desalination and Water Treatment 3. Journal of separation science and technology 4. Journal of membrane science 5. Mine Water and the Environment 6. Separation Science and Technology

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