Lea Galanter

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Location: Seattle
Work interests: History, Philosophy, Mythology, Archaeology
Affiliation/website: Gallant Editorial Services
Preferred contact method: Any
Preferred contact language(s): English
Contact: lea@gallanteditorial.com
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Location: Seattle, WA
Work: History, Archaeology, Mythology, Folklore
Affiliations: AHA, Historical Novel Society
Biographical: Editor with extensive editorial experience. Historian with a Master's in Celtic Studies with a focus on Roman Britain archaeology and history. Other areas of focus include British history and early American history. Interested in helping academics prepare papers for publication. Contact at lea@gallanteditorial.com

Professional Editor

I provide professional copy editing services to the academic, marketing, technical, nonfiction, and fiction communities. I focus on history-related editing, including academic books, papers, articles, and dissertations as well as historical fiction and memoir. I can help increase an author's chance of having a paper accepted by making their text more readable and professional. 

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Research Cooperative
05/01/17 11:47:40AM @chief-admin:

Dear Lea,

I have just added a technical tip about using tags to make information more accessible, here

Thanks, Peter

Research Cooperative
04/01/17 04:03:55PM @chief-admin:

Dear Lea,

I have taken the liberty of adding tags to your profile in order to raise the visibility of your work.

Best wishes for the New Year

Lea Galanter
05/01/17 04:10:50AM @lea-galanter:

Thanks! I was unaware of the tags.


Lea Galanter
18/06/08 12:13:03AM @lea-galanter:
Hi Peter,Thanks for your note. Unfortunately, I won't be at WAC6. Having a day job makes it tough to do things archaeological. :-(Enjoy it!Lea
Research Cooperative
17/06/08 06:33:01AM @chief-admin:
Dear Lea,Thanks for joining. I am writing from the International Headquarters of the Research Cooperative, in Kyoto.Our main office (dining table) is located in a Mansion (cave apartment) looking over rice fields and the outline of a 1,500 year old tomb on the ridge above.Will you be at WAC6?Cheers, P.


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