Support for research-based communication in all languages and media.

Meet people with related interests. Researchers, editors, illustrators, translators, readers, publishers.

Thanks to Editage and Medlist International for practical help and advice.

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How to use this site - a basic guide:

For help finding an editor or translator: see 'Need help?'.

Menus: Explore our site with the main menu tabs and sub-tabs above. The sub-tabs should appear soon when you hover on the main menu tab.

To join the Research Cooperative, use the Sign Up box at right (membership is by free subscription, but donations are invited). See also how to leave. This site can be used to display a personal profile page and blog, to offer or request various kinds of help, and to join groupscreated for various purposes related to research communication.

To find other members, click on the Members tab above, on a sub-tab below that tab, or use the options shown in our Search menu. You can also search inside each forum shown on the main page to find offers or requests from other members.

Etiquette: Before making direct contact with another member, please

  • read the profile page,
  • look at offers or requests made by the member in our forums (if listed on the profile page),
  • look at blog posts and group messages written by the person (if any, and if you want),
  • try to make your messages understandable, relevant, and helpful.

The Research Cooperative is a place for cooperation. There are many ways here to find or offer help.

To offer or request help, look for a relevant forum in the center panel of our main page (i.e. top or home page). Further details related to your offer or request can be added in your personal profile page. You can also approach the members of our various focus groups, by joining a group and sending a message to the group, and individual Co-op members can be contacted directly through their profile pages, by sending a message, or leaving a comment (each member can control whether or not comments are made public).

To view or send offers and requests, search - all forums, or use the send - offer/request tab (click on the links here, or in the main menu above). Be sure to send your offer or request to the relevant forum. This can be selected under the space for writing your message. More detailed instructions are given in Research Cooperative Review, Issue 11.

All messages that you write will be listed on your personal profile page. The messages of any member can be searched by keyword, or can be sorted using a drop-down menu (you can try searching or sorting some messages here).

To view this site with a mobile phone, use our /m URL.

We welcome all suggestions on making this site easier to use. Please use our Invite panel (or your own email and other contact methods) to invite friends and colleagues to join the Research Cooperative.Thank you

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