Support for research-based communication in all languages and media.

Meet people with related interests. Researchers, editors, illustrators, translators, readers, publishers.

Thanks to Editage and Medlist International for practical help and advice.

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If you have already joined the Research Cooperative, and have signed in, then joining any group in our network is easy.

The + Join [Group Name] button is at the top right hand side of each group page, next to the Options button:

If you are not yet a member of the Research Cooperative, or are not signed in as a member, you must sign up (join our main network) or sign in to the network (using your email address and password) before joining the group.

Our network has many groups (see 'All groups home') where members can pursue special interests related to research communication:

  • topics for research and communication,
  • country groups,
  • language groups,
  • and more: see the tabs and subtabs under 'My Page', 'Members', Groups', and 'Projects', all in the main menu above.

There is no need to spend a lot of time with your groups. But please visit occasionally, and send a message or reply, to help keep the groups active.

You can always find the groups you have joined in the left hand column of 'My page', after Sign in.

Note: In rare cases, a group administrator may have to give approval before you can join a group. A large header message will appear to explain this, and will show a link for sending a message to the administrator while making the application.

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