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EDITING - articles, books, editorial committees - OFFERS, REQUESTS
PROOFREADING - final reads, copy-editing, about - OFFERS, REQUESTS
TRANSLATION - all language pairs, topics, media - OFFERS, REQUESTS
TRANSCRIPTION - voice-text, text-text, other) - OFFERS, REQUESTS
ILLUSTRATION - drawings, maps, photos, other - OFFERS, REQUESTS
COMMUNICATION - original journal articles, conference papers, books, reviews, science writing, technical, display, audio, film - OFFERS, CALLS
INDEXING - books, journals, sites, collections - OFFERS, REQUESTS
REVIEWERS and REFEREES - peer, expert, about - OFFERS, REQUESTS
IT support - publishing, open access, digital archives, websites - OFFERS, REQUESTS
SPECIAL help - fact-checking, typography, book design, page layout, production, distribution, marketing, other - OFFERS, REQUESTS
AGENTS - helping people make connections - OFFERS, REQUESTS
PROJECTS - project ideas, plans, and announcements


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