Support for research-based communication in all languages and media.

Meet people with related interests. Researchers, editors, illustrators, translators, readers, publishers.

Thanks to Editage and Medlist International for practical help and advice.

All occupations

After posting an offer or request in one of the main forums, cross-post the same message to relevant group below (or cross-post the URL).

Further groups can be added on request.

editors and proofreaders  (substantive, grammar, spelling, layout, copyediting, proofs)

translators (all language pairs, topics)

the image workshop  (artists, cartographers, graphic designers, illustrators, photographers),

indexers (designing indexes for books, websites, databases, etc.)

teachers (higher education, text-book writing, course materials)

publishers (academic journals & books, university presses, academic societies, student clubs)

volunteers (for any activity related to research communication - editing, translation, review, mentoring etc.)

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