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Example offers

Here are two example offers, and the expected results.

Scenario: You are studying at university and want to become a professional and well-paid translator

Example 1

You post the following optimistic message in our forum for translation offers:

'I can help with your translation. I'm a fast worker! Good quality and good price!'

Expected result


The offer is not informative, and is not believable.

Who will want to spend time to find out what languages and subjects you can translate? What is your experience, and what is your price?

The offer is not well written, so your translation might not be good either. If you are fast, maybe the quality is bad.

Example 2

You offer to be a volunteer for English to Spanish translation in our forum for translation offers. You explain that you are willing to try translating any subject, but have a special interest in translating work in the fields of ecology or health and medicine.

You also explain that:

  • you can translate a sample or trial text first, and
  • you are also studying biology subjects and Spanish at university, and
  • you want to gain experience and become a professional translator, and
  • you would like to be acknowledged in the eventual publication, so that other researchers will learn about your work as a translator.

After posting your offer, you join our translators group and our country focus group, the Research Co-op Spain, and post messages there explaining your ambitions as a translator.

Your messages include a link to the offer to be a volunteer (copy and paste the URL for your offer, and then make it a link using the message toolbar).

Since you have a special interest in translating in the biological sciences, you also join our groups for health and medicine, ecology, and ethnobotany, and send a message to each group.

The message includes a link to your offer to be a volunteer, and will reach most of the researchers who have joined those groups.

Expected result (hypothetical!)

Two people find your offer in the forum, but they are really looking for free help from an experienced professional translator.

After politely rejecting their requests, you receive a request from a foreign MSc student who is studying in Spain. She is a member of our ecology discussion group, seems to be a serious student, and her research subject is interesting for you.

She wants to publish her first paper in a local Spanish journal, and needs a translation that is good enough for initial submission. If her paper is accepted, she might be able to pay for you to spend more time to improve the translation, and help with the editing.

With your volunteer help, she becomes a successful researcher, and is able to give you further work for many years. She pays well, and recommends you to a growing network of research colleagues around the world.

In summary, for any kind of offer, please be proactive and use all suitable areas of the Research Cooperative network.

The Research Cooperative has no budget to employ a call center or provide intensive advice and help. This is why we have forums for Agent offers and requests.

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