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Example requests

Here are two example requests, and the expected results.

Scenario: You are looking for volunteer or paid help to translate a long research paper.

Example 1

You post the following urgent message in our forum for translation requests:

'Help me with a translation. The deadline is tomorrow!'

Expected result


The request is not informative, and the tone is demanding.

Who will want to spend time to find out what languages and subject are involved? Who will want to negotiate with such a demanding person?

The deadline is too near. There is almost no time to discuss the work and negotiate dates, your aims, the skill required, and a price.

You should post the request at least several days or weeks before the deadline. If that is not possible, you can contact potential translators directly, without using the forum, by searching our member profiles or joining our translators group page and posting a message there.

Example 2

You post a general expression of interest in our forum for translation requests, indicating that you need a translation completed a few weeks later, for languages A to B. You describe the subject matter, the number of words, and target publication.

You also explain that:

  • you want to send a sample or trial text first, and
  • specialist knowledge is needed, and
  • you would like to find an experienced volunteer, but can pay for a professional translator if necessary, depending on the cost, and
  • the translator will be fully acknowledged in the eventual publication (this may help a volunteer become more well known, if they would like to receive payment for future translation work).

After posting your request, you copy and paste the link into a direct message that you send to a number of translators directly.

Translators can be found in our

Expected result (hypothetical!)

One person finds your request in the forum, but does not have the required experience.

After you contact five translators directly, three send replies that are interesting.

After considering all four replies, you thank all of them, and start negotiating with one of them. That negotiation fails - the price is too high - so you contact the second choice, and come to an agreement. You thank the other translators for their interest, and proceed with your second choice.

In summary, for any kind of request, please be proactive and use all suitable areas of the Research Cooperative network.

The Research Cooperative has no budget to employ a call center or provide intensive advice and help. This is why we have forums for Agent offers and requests.

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