Support for research-based communication in all languages and media.

Meet people with related interests. Researchers, editors, illustrators, translators, readers, publishers.

Thanks to Editage and Medlist International for practical help and advice.

How to invite others

(1) Use the "Invite others" link (see also under "Home")

You can only use this if you are already a member of the Research Cooperative, and have signed in using your email address and password (forgot your password?).

You can invite one person or many people - from an electronic address book, or by personally adding each email address.

You can import addresses from a Facebook, G-mail, Yahoo, or MSN account (see the image below), but don’t worry:

  • Our system does not save your account password
  • You choose which people to will receive the invite

Please consider how your own contacts might like to use the Research Cooperative, and highlight this in your invitation message (200 characters or less). See example message above.


Example screenshot:

(2) Send URL and message

The simplest way to invite others to join our network is to send them our website URL. Copy and paste the following link, and send it in an email:

You can also send a link to the URL for our site introduction and welcome page, choosing one of the languages shown under our About menu (see here).

Most people will be able to find the Sign Up box at the top right of the main page. Or you can tell them to look there. Our URL can also be posted to listserv groups or other networks (if you belong to any) with your own explanation of how the Research Cooperative might be useful for others.

Here is an example invitation message to send with the URL; you can copy and paste this into your own email, or into our form (see below):

"Dear Dr/Ms/Mr....,

This global NPO network might be useful for you. It offers many networking choices for editors, translators, illustrators & researchers. You can join here.

Sincerely, etc"

(3) Share link to the "Sign up" page, using your own email account.

After signing in to the Research Cooperative, go to Invite others (under "Home") and look at the message at bottom of page. It looks like this:

Screenshot (image only):

If the person you send it to clicks on the link, the following Sign Up page should appear.

In this case it says "Peter Matthews invited you to join... etc." in the second line (see image below).

Screenshot (image only):

Thanks for your patience. It takes time to get familiar with a new network.

You can experiment by sending an invitation to yourself, like I did.

When you are happy with a method, please send invitations to anyone who you think might like to join the Research Cooperative!

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