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Support for journals

An index of support groups created for journals.

Do you publish or work for a journal? We can support an academic or educational journal by creating a support group (see below), or by adding a link in our journal list. Please see this discussion of criteria for acceptance in our network.

Apply here to start a journal support group, or send request here for listing in the journal list*

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African Sanguine
Asian Ethnology
Digital J. of Ophthamology (DJO)
Ethnobotany Research and Applications
General Mathematics Notes
Geochemical News
Int. J. of Combinatorial Optimization Problems and Informatics
Int. J. of Pure and Applied Sciences and Technology (IJPAST)
Island Studies J.
J. Globalization Studies
J. of Tropical Agriculture and Development
lifescience leaflets
Open Access J. of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
Science in Africa
Shima: The International Journal of Research Into Island Cultures
Social Evolution and History
the Newsletter - International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS)

* NB. Since we support both new and established journals, a group created here does not imply anything about reputation. Groups and links that remain inactive for a long period may be removed at the discretion of the Research Cooperative. As a courtesy, please tell us if your journal URL has changed, or your journal support group is no longer needed (for any reason).

Last updated 6th July 2012.

See also: support for publishers, publishing & production (practical aspects of publishing), publishers (people working with publishing companies), and project coordination.

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