Support for research-based communication in all languages and media.

Meet people with related interests. Researchers, editors, illustrators, translators, readers, publishers.

Thanks to Editage and Medlist International for practical help and advice.

My language

Communicate with other members in your own language, or in other languages you have learned.

In these language focus groups, we invite:

  • discussion of research, research communication, science education generally, and
  • offers and requests for help from members, for work with other members using each language.

We welcome researchers, teachers, graduate students, science writers, teachers, students, editors, illustrators, translators, publishers, language-service companies, and others.

If your language is missing, please contact us. See also our language index or return to MAIN page.

If you have already joined the Research Cooperative, and have signed in, then joining any country group is easy. The + Join [Group Name] button is at top right on each group page, next to the Options button:Arabic,


Chinese (Mandarin),

Deutsch (German),

English, Español (Spanish),

Farsi (Persian), Français (French), Hindi,

日本語 (Japanese),

Português, Română (Romanian), Tagalog,

Moderators with suitable language skills and interests are needed for each language group. Please apply!

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