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New email address?

It is easy to change your email address.

After signing in, click on 'Settings' in the Sign Inbox, next to the cog symbol.

That will take you to a window with a list of areas where you can change your personal settings for our network. Ignore the 'Email' link (use that another time to adjust how our network communicates with you).

Click on 'Profile', or stay there (it is the default view), then find your current email address near the top of the page.

Next to your address, you can see the 'Change' link.

Go there to change your address!


If your old email address is already no longer working, and you have also forgotten your password, then you will need to Sign Up again with a new email address, and create a new member profile.

After that, the Co-op administrator should delete your previous profile and member details, unless your account is connected to messages that you would like to keep showing on our network.

Please contact Admin to sort this out.


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