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Read It (Poem - original English version)

user image 2022-07-28
By: PJ Matthews
Posted in: Writing Advice

read again your Words

a Stranger to Yourself, with Best Intentions
discover the Relationships
Unintended Offspring, Orphan Facts
and Broken Promises

sleep on it
your Unmade Bed
let Dreams come, welcome Serendipity
avoid Pointless Flirtation
acknowledge Friends and Sources

Contradiction and Failure
can make You strong
face Them fairly, use Them well
Respect may foster
Unexpected Resolutions

imagine Future Readers
be remembered well, if at all
find your Own Way, with Words
then read it, again, and again
before The Letting Go

P. J. Matthews
Kawasaki, Japan, 2.1.2002


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