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Location: Jordan
Work: petra site
Affiliations: museums
Contact: wadi musa
Biographical: get more knowledge
Favourite Publications: archaeologist, museum, cultural, excavations and animals!

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Research Cooperative
02/11/15 12:06:16PM @chief-admin:

Dear QT,

The 8th World Archaeology Congress, WAC8, will be held in Kyoto in lat August next year. Please visit the congress website to learn more. There are several themes and the organisers are looking for session organisers and session proposals, and also individual contributions.

Thanks, Peter (Co-op Admin)

Research Cooperative
19/10/15 10:14:24PM @chief-admin:

Dear Qais,

Thanks very much for joining. Our network is aimed at helping people transmit knowledge through publications - journals and books. So the knowledge is not written here... it is only in the heads of our members.

So - to find the knowledge, we have to talk to each other. And that can help us learn to write better.

Please look around the network, try to find a way to talk to the people here, and ask me questions at any time.

Best regards, Peter (Admin.)


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