Development Communication

Research Cooperative
21/02/09 11:51:49PM
During recent field-work in Luzon, Philippines (February 2009), I visited the publishing office of the University of the Philippines at Los Banos (UPLB). The office (UPLB Publishing Center) still has in stock the following, which I purchased:C. C. Maslog and J. F. Jamias (eds) A Special Issue on Development Communication (UP Los Banos Journal, Vol. III, Nos. 1 & 2) University of the Philippines Los Banos: Los Banos.This is an excellent volume that offers many different perspectives on communication in developing economies. The authors discuss many theoretical and practical issues. The pioneering work of the lead author, Nora C. Quebral (pp. 2-11, Overview) has been reviewed in an article published by the Communication for Social Change Consortium , and the Institute for Development Communication (pp. 193-206, History) is now a full College for Development Communication .CONTENTS Development and Communication 2-11, Development Communication: A Current Overview12-21, A Holistic Approach to Development and Communication22-51, Development Communication in the Philippines: A Synthesis52-61, Development Communication Research in the '90s II. Concepts and Trends 62-84, Development Communication in a Different Key84B-91, Development Communication: A Fifth Theory of the Press92-97, New Newswriting Style for Filipinos98-103, Reporting Asian Development in Depth104-131, Development Communication: Applying the Concept in the American Context132-139, Media, Politics, and Development (Subtext: The Politics of Resisting) III. Applied Communication and Directions 140-148, Communication Needs and Structures on Agrarian Reform148B-159, Scientific Communication Issues in a Third World Setting160-173, Constraints on Technology Transfer: Users' Perspective, With Focus on IPM, Philippines.174-183, IRRI Copublication of Agricultural Extension Materials184-190, Use of Computer Databases in a Specialized Aquatic Information Service IV. History and Literature Reviews 193-206, The Institute of Development Communication: A History207-214, Book Reviews215-231, Philippine Publications on Communication232-235, Appendix A: List of Books and Monographs Published by IDC Faculty