Transport-related open access journals

Research Cooperative
12/03/12 09:00:33PM

I always enjoying seeing what the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) can tell us about a subject.

There are many transport-related open access journals. Any one of them would be a good topic for investigation and discussion in the present forum (members of the present group are welcome to to investigate and discuss these journals further).

Here I will simply present a quick overview, based on a series of keyword searches across journal titles and descriptions in the DOAJ database.

The only kind of transport to appear as a large sub-category is air transport. Other sub-categories are presumably represented in specialist journals that are not yet registered as open access in the DOAJ Directory (which is probably the largest directory of its kind).

aeronautics - 4 journals.

aerospace - 10 journals.

aircraft - 1 journal.

aviation - 5 journals.

automobile - 1 journal.

automotive - 2 journals

navigation - 3 journals.

railways - 1 journal.

road - 3 journals.

shipping - 1 journal

tractor - 1 journal.

traffic - 6 journals.

transit - 1 journal.

transport - 16 journals, not including those dealing with 'transport' in non-vehicular contexts.

transportation - 12 journals.

No matches:

balloon, ballooning, boat, bicycle, bus, car, container, cycling, electric car, horse cart, locomotive, maglev, monorail, parking, pedestrian, rail, railway, sail, sailing, ship, subway, street, tanker, train, tram, truck, trucking, vehicle