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    By Research Cooperative, 2015-03-13

    Welcome to the Research Cooperative

     Kia ora!  Добро пожаловать!   ¡Bienvenido!   환영합니다!   Willkommen!   مرحبا بك

    The Research Cooperative is a moderated social network dedicated to better academic, technical and educational communication.

    The network serves all disciplines, countries and languages, and brings together researchers, university teachers, students, science writers, editors, proofreaders, translators, illustrators, indexers, and publishers.

    As 'knowledge workers' we all need to work together more effectively for better communication. Membership is free for individuals, educational organisations, and commercial service companies in any country. 

    Build your public profile here. See how to join and use our network, and all services. Our website uses English, but we welcome members working with any language. The site founder and administrator is a New Zealander (museum curator) who lives in Japan.

     See welcome in:  Arabic, Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese... ... (further translations requested)

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    Research Cooperative
    01/03/19 06:55:29AM @chief-admin:
    Thanks for joining. When you login next time, you can fill in profile details to let other visitors find you, or explore profiles to find other members, and make new contacts. Best regards, (Admin., Kyoto)
    Honor Mersal
    26/02/19 05:24:45PM @honor-mersal:
    Live Young and ride free
    Research Cooperative
    21/02/19 10:40:43PM @chief-admin:

    Hi Jenny,

    Thanks for joining. I like this statement from your website:

    "Inclusive Design also recognises that everywhere is a setting for education, not just schools and colleges"

    Most of my research involves fieldwork in rural areas, meeting people in many different circumstances... and this evolved from a childhood in which much time was spent learning about the world outdoors, and outside the school.

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    Admin. & Site Owner: Dr Peter J. Matthews, The Research Cooperative, c/o National Museum of Ethnology, Senri Expo Park, Suita City, Osaka, Japan 565-8511. Tel. +81 (6) 6878 8344. Fax. +81 (6) 6878 7503. Email = researchcooperative  at  gmail  dot com.

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