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    By Research Cooperative, 2015-03-13

    Welcome to the Research Cooperative

     Добро пожаловать!   ¡Bienvenido!   환영합니다!

    The Research Cooperative is a moderated social network and NPO dedicated to supporting academic and educational communication (see more). The network brings together researchers, research students, science writers, editors, proofreaders, illustrators, indexers, translators, publishers, and others.

    Membership is free for individuals and companies. 

    Visit Services to make or discover offers and requests for help related to academic, educational, scientific, and technical communication (all topics, languages, and countries).

    • Editors, translators, illustrators and others can offer volunteer, discount, or full-priced professional help.
    • Authors and publishers can request volunteer, discount, or full-priced professional help.

    Our work-related focus Groups encourage contact between members with shared or complementary interests (e.g. editors or translators with interest in a particular topic can expect to meet authors who might need help editing or translating related research). 

    After joining and login, instant messaging with other members is possible. Click on the yellow text bubble icon at right (see more about 'chat').

    Our network is introduced in other languages here: ArabicChineseDutchFrenchGerman, GreekMaoriRussianSpanishPortugese, RomanianTagalogTurkish, and Vietnamese.

    To join the Research Cooperative, please apply for a user account (see "Create account" in main menu, or "Signup" below). After your account is approved, please log in to set up or update your Profile and Account pages.

    Creating a public profile is important for effective networking.

    Up to three profiles can be made to introduce different areas of your work (e.g. as researcher, editor, and translator). Or one profile can be used to introduce all areas of your work. The choice is yours. 

    In 1826, an anonymous illustrator in Japan created this profile of Philipp Franz von Siebold (shown here courtesy Wikimedia Commons). He went on to become one of the founders of modern medicine, botany, zoology, and ethnology - an important figure in both Japan and Europe. 

    At the Research Cooperative, your profile can be a well-chosen image (ask an illustrator for help!), heading your own page with biography, blog, and a unique URL based on your username.

    The following membership types are available:

    New Regular Member. Free. A user name, brief self-description, active email address, and password are required.

    Publisher. A nominal fee is requested for academic societies, groups, or publishers wishing to showcase activities and publications using a variety of digital media. Please enquire.

    Shopfront (under development, enquiries welcome). Display your business profile, manage online financial transactions, and benefit from being on the same 'street' as your potential customers.

    If you would like to help the Research Cooperative develop and grow, we are always looking for volunteer writers, moderators, commentators, and more. Please enquire, or join our open volunteer group here.


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      If you know the email address used to register with, enter address here to get a new password.

    To learn more about using this site, see Documentation and Research Cooperative history

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    This contact form can be used to ask anything about the Research Cooperative and joining our network.

    If you have already joined, and have your login details (username or email address, and password), please use the "Support tickets" tab under your username, after log-in. Using a support ticket is the best way to report issues or ask questions, so that you and Admin can keep track of questions and replies.

    Answers may already exist in the "Documentation" (see under "Support", in main menu)


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