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    By Research Cooperative, 2015-03-13

    Welcome to the Research Cooperative

     Kia ora!  Добро пожаловать!   ¡Bienvenido!   환영합니다!   Willkommen!   مرحبا بك

    The Research Cooperative is a moderated social network dedicated to better academic, technical and educational communication.

    The network serves all disciplines, countries and languages, and brings together researchers, university teachers, students, science writers, editors, proofreaders, translators, illustrators, indexers, and publishers.

    As 'knowledge workers' we all need to work together more effectively for better communication. Membership is free for individuals, educational organisations, and commercial service companies in any country. 

    Build your public profile here. See how to join and use our network, and all services. Our website uses English, but we welcome members working with any language. The site founder and administrator is a New Zealander (museum curator) who lives in Japan.

     See welcome in:  ArabicPortuguese... ... (see request for further translations)

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    Research Cooperative
    21/09/18 09:41:37AM @chief-admin:

    Dear Jason,

    If you like wild speculation as a starting point for research, here's a thought... since haemeoglobin carries iron in the blood, is it possible that blood provides some kind of inner sensor for magnetic North? One way to test for this would be to screen the direction-sensing abilities of many subjects with different levels of haemoglobin in their blood. Personally I don't think the theory works... I have high haemoglobin levels but a terrible sense of direction. One person is not a good test, statistically speaking, though the individual case can be a good starting point. As far as I know, the magnetisim-sensing system of birds has not yet been found in mammals.

    Cheers, P.


    Research Cooperative
    18/09/18 02:12:20PM @chief-admin:


    I wonder if undergraduate students can take and share the idea of producing a class chemistry journal that records some of their class background, questions and findings. This could be started at the beginning of a course, be completed part way through, and then be discussed and analysed as a project at the end.

    While some students might excel at layout, others might excel at questions,  others at providing answers based on class experiments, and others might be good editors.

    The aim would be to give an opportunity for everyone to learn something, regardless of their starting level in the subject.

    Peter (Admin.)

    18/09/18 06:30:46AM @jemorrow:
    Willing to edit, write, and review
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