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Primary aims of our network, the Research Cooperative, include encouraging:

  • researchers and research students to ask for editing support, and
  • editors to offer support as (a) volunteer editors with or without previous experience, (b) paid professional editors, or (c) editors who seek experience (in order to become professional) and who can offer free or discount services.

CASE 2020 

As creator and financial sponsor of this network, I am offering financial support (sponsorship) for the editing of an academic research paper authored by one Research Cooperative member (one paper annually, beginning in 2020). The sponsorship will be awarded jointly to an author-editor pair, with payment going directly to the editor.

The paper (in English) can be in any field of social or natural science (e.g. anthropology, archaeology, geography, history, psychology, economics, agriculture, geology, botany, zoology, biochemistry, molecular biology). We are currently unable to consider papers in languages other than English (possible sponsors for papers in other languages are welcome to contact the Research Cooperative).


1. An Editing Offer or Editing Request should be submitted online using the present "Services" forum of the Research Cooperative. The offer or request should relate to a full draft intended for submission to a serious, genuinely peer-reviewed journal. Single-author papers and papers intended for peer-review publication by local, national or regional academic societies, institutes or universities are especially welcome. Intentions for publication should be indicated as part of an offer or request.

2. After an Editing Offer or Request has been posted online, a request for sponsorship can be sent as an email or private note to Chief Admin (Dr P. J. Matthews, Sponsor). See contact details below, or the "Private notes" tab under your profile name in the main menu.

3. Before making contact with Sponsor, an author seeking sponsorship should first find and contact a suitable editor for the work, or an editor seeking sponsorship should first find and contact an author who has asked for help.

4. A draft that has been already been distributed as a "preprint" or submitted to a journal is welcome, whether or not it was reviewed or accepted (NB the Research Cooperative is not a publisher, and will not publish your paper).

5. The sponsor will undertake to pay a professional editor who has carried out work on the paper to a total value of 10,000 - 20,000 Japanese yen, or approximately USD150.00. The exact amount will be determined by the editor through negotiation with the author. After negotiation, the editor will provide the author and the sponsor a formal estimate before the contract is accepted by the sponsor. After the work is done, an invoice should be sent directly to the sponsor with a copy for the author.

6. A Sponsorship Request (see 2 above) can be submitted at any time, until notice is given in this forum that a sponsorship has been decided for the present year (2020).

7. Neither the sponsor nor the editor can guarantee that a paper will be accepted for publication after editing.

8. The author shall acknowledge the support of the editor, by personal and/or company name, when the text is submitted to a publisher, and in the published text if possible.

9. Permission must be given by both the author and the editor for a public announcement to be made, here at the Research Cooperative, if the sponsored paper is published. This announcement will identify the author(s), editor(s) and publication details.

10. Sponsorship requests will be assessed and decisions will be made at the sole discretion of Research Cooperative. Whether or not a sponsorship is awarded, in a given year, will depend on quality of requests received.


Applications for CASE sponsorship can be made by any academic author (researcher or research student) who would like to employ an editor, or by any academic editor (professional or seeking experience) who would like to assist an author. It is expected that the proposed editor should have relevant educational or work experience to offer an editing service.

Both the author and the editor should be members of the Research Cooperative. Both can be existing members or new members. The author and editor should not belong to the same institution or company.


If the sponsored paper is eventually published, the author should inform the Research Cooperative, and both the author and editor will be identified in any announcement by the Research Cooperative, regardless of who initiated contact with Chief Admin.

An unsuccessful attempt to publish an edited paper that has been sponsored may also be reported by the Research Cooperative, if both the author and editor agree. Such a report may have educational value for other members of our network (authors and editors).

PJ Matthews, Kyoto, 14th March, 2020 (Chief Admin, Research Cooperative)

Comments about this announcement are welcome at any time.

Announcement updated 24th March 2020.

Peter J. Matthews, Chief Admin.,
The Research Cooperative,
Auckland & Kyoto.

Contact: researchcooperative [at] gmail [dot] com

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