Five moves - ere you make a decision, please consider the merits of the case

Research Cooperative
22/03/17 09:53:11PM

Below is the actual outcome of a Scrabble game (Scramble version) that took place on the family dining table this evening.

The last move was made by placing the letter, "R" in the center of the square, which was my idea, not my son's idea although it was his turn.

This is immoral and a cheat, I know, but he actually set the move up be spotting the "E" in YES a fraction of a second before me when it was my turn on the previous move. So it was quid pro quo, I would like to plead, if this combination of suspicous circumstances comes to court.


But isn't this marvellous?

In five actual moves, we could create six words and what is possibly the most dense conceivable array of words on a Scrabble board.

I do worry still.

Will ere be accepted as a full and proper word in the modern age? I was raised on 19th century classics of English literature. I am surely influenced by old usages.

Without ere , my castle in the air will collapse.

Please tell me all is well in this ayre of my own conception!

Will editors of the world applaud or jeer?

I rest my case.