Society of Writers, Editors, and Translators (SWET, Japan)

Research Cooperative
29/04/17 12:10:06PM

The Society of Writers, Editors, and Translators (SWET) is based in Tokyo, Japan.

Members of SWET work in the professions of writing, editing, and translating, and also in teaching, research, rewriting, design and production, copywriting, and other areas related to the written word in Japan... perhaps even script- and subtitle-writing for fiction or documentary film. Members are found working independently, for private publishers, and for universities, in Japan or in other countries.

In the early days of the Research Cooperative, leading members of SWET joined a conference on Research Writing in Japan that I organised at the National Museum of Ethnology*, and soon after that I gave a talk at a SWET meetings in Tokyo to introduce our network. In fact, the success of this conference depended to a large extent on the support and participation of SWET members.

Matthews and  Jun Akamine eds (2004 ) Research Writing in Japan: Cultural, Personal, and Practical Perspectives. Proceedings of a conference on academic writing in Japan, hosted by the National Museum of Ethnology in Osaka, March 15-16, 2003. Senri Ethnological Reports, 49. Osaka : National Museum of Ethnology, 213 p. (English and Japanese). Individual chapters are available online here at the National Museum of Ethnology.