Office safety in Japan

Research Cooperative
20/06/18 08:38:41AM

Here in Japan, we are always warned to have bookshelves properly attached to walls so they don't fall down during an earthquake. On Monday morning we had a large earthquake (c. 6.1 magnitude) in Osska.

The epicenter was almost directly under the museum where I work (physical home of the Research Cooperative).

I was fortunately not yet in my office, so was not struck down as the computer flew off the desk, and as books (like blocks of wood) were ejected at high velocity from the bookshelves on both sides of the desk. The entire office is now blocked by mountains of books and papers (see photo). 

It will take me a couple of days to clear a path to my desk, and possibly months for our museum to open to the public again. Our large museum library (four levels) was also thrown onto the floor.

.IMG_4650 vertical.jpg