Opportunities for new science writers and journalists

Research Cooperative
11/09/10 10:27:58PM
The internet offers many opportunities for self publishing or contribution to existing publications. For those who interested in science writing and journalism, the New Science Journalism Project may be a site of interest.

The project aims to help new science reporters build their skills and "professional media presence", using the New Science Journalism Project as a publishing platform. Anyone anywhere can join the project.

This raises the question of how the project will gain visibility. Who will read the news?

Perhaps the Project will become known by being the first to publish some stories of international importance. A few good "scoops" would help, I am sure, but the organisers are sure to have been looking for more reliable methods of promotion.

In any case, I recommend this site to Research Cooperative members, and hope that our network and members can actively support the initiative.

PJM, Kyoto