Help needed to make a postal mailing list for contacting translator associations and networks

Research Cooperative
10/11/11 10:32:02PM

Yesterday I added some links to translator associations and networks, in a page attached to this group (see to the right of this message in the Research Co-op translators group page).

With some effort it would be possible to glean a list of postal addresses for many of the organisations.

I would like to send each of them a few copies of the printed Research Cooperative brochure.

This might attract more interest in our network than trying to send email.

I will be away for fieldwork for the second half of November. It would be great if someone can compile a list of addresses for me to post brochures to - for networks and associations in one or more regions of the world.

Any help would be welcome!


Peter (Admin.)

Fulvio Baudo
11/11/11 06:57:10AM @fulvio-baudo:

Hi Peter,

The Australian Institute of Translators and Interpreters is the official translator association of Australia.

Here you can find their contact details:

Sinem Canım
10/11/11 11:19:32PM @sinem-canm:

Dear Peter,

I can make a list of the associations and networks in Turkey.