Greeters! (cross-post)

Sam Bradford (Admin)
22/01/14 04:24:38PM

(Cross-posted from 'Inviters and Greeters', which is being deleted as part of a site redesign.)

The Research Cooperative has been created to encourage more effective connection-making among all the people involved in research communication (see About for more details).

Let's give new members a warm welcome, with a personal greeting

Online social networks generally attract friendly people. We may have many members who are happy to be inviters and greeters. Many people have responded positively to invitations (see Invite tab in main menu above), and most new members do like to be greeted. Inviters and greeters can also use our Chat room to contact new members (see Chat bar at foot of the main page)

Inviters and greeters in the present group can:

  • share materials and experiences (see message board below)
  • help build the network of mutual understanding and trust, and

See also: social side and calling all members .