Volunteer editing

For young researchers, it is important to discuss their own research efforts with others. To offer and request volunteer editing is one of the best ways to gain experience and build personal research network

The Research Cooperative strongly encourages mutual support in the form of volunteer reading and editing of draft papers.

Each person can gain experience that is useful for developing their own writing and editing skills. The interaction may also generate ideas for new research and future collaboration.

For those who plan to become professional editors, volunteering is a useful way to gain experience and build up a future customer base.

To build their business, editors need to find active researchers who are likely to return in the future with further work.

Such researchers are likely to be those who actively seek editing help early in their career, and who acknowledge that support (volunteer or paid) in their publications.

There is a natural win-win synergy for researchers and editors who are proactive in finding each other, and learning from each other.