Most of our network 'About (introduction)' pages have beentranslated by volunteers or with special consideration byprofessional translators. Some pages need to be updated to reflectchanges in our network. If you can volunteer to update a page thatyou think is no longer fitting, please let me know (Peter,researchcooperative at gmail dot com).


Here they are (thanks to all):


AlSabado (Tagalog)

Alia Alani (Arabic)

Anon (Vietnamese)

Asa Missimo (Japan)

Joerg Kruth (German)

Katelis Viglas (Greek)

Lei Tian (Chinese)

MarieGirardin (French)

Megan Callaghan (Maori)

Naomi Hiraishi (Portugese)

Patricia Chirinos (Spanish)

Renehorn (Russian)

Ruxandra Kohno (Romanian)

Tae Jun (Korean) (this is a really old page, needsupdating!)