A crisis for science and education in Venezuela

Research Cooperative
16/11/18 11:08:25PM

Venezuela has almost 50 universities in total, with almost equal numbers of public and private universities. Most were established in the second half of the 20th century.

In the present period of hyperinflation, the universities of Venezuela are in a state of extreme crisis, with many staff and students unable to attend to their work and studies (see sources below for more information).

Even if the country returns soon to a stable economic condition, the impact of the present crisis on universities will be felt for many decades to come.

As founder of the Research Cooperative, I sincerely hope that Venezuela can find a new and better direction, and that our network can help in a small way at least.

I would be grateful if any members of our network can, from their various perspectives inside and outside the country, tell us more about what is happening.

Peter J. Matthews (Admin., Research Co-op)

* * *

"Venezuela's crisis deepens: 1 miliion refugees flee to Columbia" (International Rescue Committee, 13 November 2018)

"Venezuela's economy is in freefall. Hyperinflation, power cuts, and food and medicine shortages are driving millions of Venezuelans out of the country" (BBC News, 22 August 2018)

"Since 2016, when the crisis sparked by the fall in the price of oil began to deepen, 25% of teaching staff, and 40% of the students at Oriente University in the eastern city of Cumana have packed their bags and emigrated." (The Sun Daily, Malaysia, 19th April 2018).