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Location: Karaj,Iran
Work: Personal Interests: Animal Production Management Animal Products Economics Livestock and Poultry Economics Marketing of Animal Products and international trade of animal husbandry production Rural Development and Poverty Reduction Agricultural Policies in the world and Individual Regions Research and Development of Animal Husbandry International communication for poverty reduction from Animal Husbandry system Participatory research to Livelihood improvement of smallholders in poor areas Competitiveness in International Markets Changes in Domestic Support Policies Affecting International Marketing New Product Development in International Markets Internationalization of Retailing and Distribution Pricing and Sales Promotion Issues of Food Products Commercialization of Highly Innovative Food Products and Export Marketing Strategies
Biographical: Job Title: Dr. Farhad Mirzaei, Livestock Production & management(Ph.D) Animal Husbandry Economics(M.Sc) Animal Science(B.Sc) Member of Department of Animal Production Management , Animal Science Research Institute of Iran.(www.asri.ir) Completed Ph.D at Dept. of Livestock production & Management, National Dairy Research Institute(N.D.R.I.) Deemed University, Karnal,132001,India. http://www.ndri.res.in http://www.expertist.net/foto/3695-1.pdf Livestock make an important contribution to most economies. Livestock produce food, provide security, enhance crop production, generate cash incomes for rural and urban populations, provide fuel and transport, and produce value added goods which can have multiplier effects and create a need for services. Furthermore, livestock diversify production and income, provide year-round employment, and spread risk. Livestock also form a major capital reserve of farming households. Because of livestock contribution to societies, when human economic pressures increase people can misuse livestock in ways which are detrimental to the environment. http://www.smallstock.info/ Major advisor (Guide): Dr. Shiv Prasad Kimothi General Secretary, Alumni Association Principal Scientist & Officer-In charge of Cattle Yard, NDRI. E-mail; shiv_kimothi@rediffmail.com http://www.ndri.res.in/files/profiles/dcb/Dr.%20Shiv%20Prasad.pdf Key responsibilities: 1-Secretary of Animal Sciences Technical-Scientific Committee 2-Member of Animal Production Management Technical-Scientific Sub-

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