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Location: Parekura Bay, New Zealand
Work interests: science communication
Affiliation/website: Optimist Alumni Assn
Preferred contact method: Any
Preferred contact language(s): English
Contact: email = researchcooperative-at-gmail-dot-com
Favourite publications: International Journal of Optimism

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Location: Incautious Testuser
Work: Testing the Inner Workings of the Research Cooperative through Participant Observation
Affiliations: The Research Cooperative
Contact: c/o Admin (researchcooperative at gmule dot com)


I am a test user for the Research Cooperative. To find problems, I must be bold and make mistakes. And then think about what happened.

I only sailed this little yacht once in my life, across the bay and back, but it was great fun, dodging waves and feeling the wind almost tip us over (see photo).

By the time I returned to shore, I had a rough idea of how to steer the boat. The name of the boat type is 'Optimist', and it was designed as a boat for teaching children how to sail. I am still an optimist at heart. This might explain why I like being a test user.

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