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Biographical: I was delighted to learn about the prospect of a new experiences in my career and about knowing news health’s organisations. I’m fifty-four-year-old. I’m in charge of my own 1525 people, >14 years old, like a general practitioner; and I’m running a clinical team (13 general practitioners, 3 paediatricians, 1 dentistry, 4 medical intern resident in specialty Family and Community Medicine, 2 midwife, 16 nurses, and 8 clerk) like a management director. I’m in Level fourth (4th of 4th) of my Career in the National Health System, Catalonia, Spain. So, eventually I have been for more twenty-five years developing different responsibilities in the primary care: clinical, management director, research, and teaching in the Unit that I run, and I need and wish a light change with new skills. I’m interested especially about Cardiovascular illnesses, their primary prevention, treatment and prevention secondary of their complications, etc... and associated risks factors as the cholesterol, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, atrial fibrillation. Logically I’m also interested for the clinical management and its economic branch. At the present I have got my Doctoral thesis about the epidemiology, survival and lost life years after the first event of stroke. I always have had a wish of working abroad to know more about others health organizations and build a relationship among its members to achieve clinical or research projects together and to exchange teaching experience in primary care I appreciate your time and consideration in reviewing my CV. I attached: resumed VC and letters of recommendation. Sincerely, Jose Luis CLUA ESPUNY Jlcluaα
Favourite Publications: NEJM Primary Care

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Research Cooperative
06/08/17 03:27:15PM @chief-admin:

Dear Dr Espuny,

Please let me know if you would like me to help you develop the group you started here at the Research Cooperative, within the framework of our network, in which the aim is to promote better research communication.

Best regards, Peter (Admin).


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