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Location: Antipolo City Philippines
Work: queer cinema, body and sexuality, cultural politics, modernity, visual culture, gender and feminism, politics of language, media, arts and aesthetics
Biographical: completing my master's programme on philippine studies at the university of the philippines; founding member, freelance writers of the philippines, trying to get the hang of writing blogs. undertaking independent research.
Favourite Publications: cabinet ( a quarterly of art and culture)

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Research Cooperative
26/05/13 11:15:47AM @chief-admin:

Hi Lorna,

I wore my shirtified environmentalist green T-shirt at a systematic biology meeting in Baguio City this week... the people there liked it, even though we all did our best to have bright ideas. It's amazing to see a city building itself on piles of rock across the mountain valleys. The conference jeepney seemed to need more water than fuel to get up and down the steep roads. Perhaps there's something special in the Baguio water supply.

I think Baguio could outstrip San Francisco as a setting for classic car chases. Preferably done in local style with groaning jeepneys, sputtering motorbikes, and heroic cyclists.

Cheers, Peter

Al Sabado
20/09/11 02:49:07PM @al-sabado:
Hi Lorna, thank you for the invite. Wishing you the best there in Antipolo City!