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Work: food culture, business anthropology, yogurt (yoghurt, yoghourt), Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Streptococcus thermophilus, Europe, Asia, Japan, Bulgaria; research; interpreter
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Favourite Publications: Etnologia Balkanica, Eastern European Anthropology Review, Foodways

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Maria Yotova

Докторантура в Япония

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Maria Yotova

Напред! Науката е слънце...

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Maria Yotova

Hristos Vozkrese!

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Maria Yotova

Invitations to Universitites and Academic Journals

Dear colleagues, I have recently...
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Maria Yotova

Да си вярваме повече

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Maria Yotova

Добре дошли!!

the Research Cooperative!!...
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Research Cooperative
29/10/17 10:43:06PM @chief-admin:

Hi Maria.... A company in Miyazaki has invented a new kind of drink yoghurt in which taro starch is fermented with the milk.

This is really strange, but the taste is a little like the New Year amazake drink without the alcohol, sweet and acidic and a granular texture, so it may be acceptable.

Staff at the Museum are all willing to taste it, but not my family at home!

Maybe people are conservative in their food tastes according to where they happen to be.


Ivan Genov
02/05/11 03:10:10PM @ivan-genov:

Zlatka Cherneva
26/04/11 01:36:46AM @zlatka-cherneva:

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- . , . , , , researchcooperative.


Hon.Tulasi MATHIAS
12/04/11 02:14:15AM @hontulasi-mathias:
Don't worry at all with time they will join.I had that experience when I first started in Ghana,but now a lot of people have registered and am still trying to bring a lot of them to join and benefit from cooperative.Best of my regards mathias
Szabo Gabriella
25/03/11 11:53:11PM @szabo-gabriella:

Dear Maria,

thank you for your comment, I am glad to hear from you :o) Your research topic sounds very interesting to me.

I have a very good friend from Bulgaria, we met at Ritsumeikan APU where we were studying, so when I saw your name I thought you are from Bulgaria, too. I was right ;o)

I am planning to apply for PhD in the close future. Now, I am preparing my application. I'd be delighted to keep in touch with you.

Best regards,

Szab Gabriella

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