Public institutions supporting research and education

Research Cooperative
18/11/18 11:05:24PM

The largest institution for higher education appears to be Nagaland University, with four campuses, multiple schools, and an open access online publication, Nagaland University Research Journal. The journal covers all research areas.

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Also important is the Kohima Science College, Jotsoma, on the outskirts of Kohima. This is an accredited, "Autonomous Government Post-Graduate College" offering undergraduate and post-graduate courses to the MSc level.

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The Department of Science and Technology, Government of Nagaland, is based in Kohima, and publishes a website titles Science and Technology -Nagaland. This site introduces activities of the Nagaland Science and Technology Council (NASTEC) and Nagaland Science Centre, Dimapu.

(Last update 17.11.2018)