Public institutions supporting research and education

Research Cooperative
18/11/18 11:05:24PM

The largest institution for higher education appears to be Nagaland University , with four campuses, multiple schools, and an open access online publication, Nagaland University Research Journal . The journal covers all research areas.

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Also important is the Kohima Science College, Jotsoma , on the outskirts of Kohima. This is an accredited, "Autonomous Government Post-Graduate College" offering undergraduate and post-graduate courses to the MSc level.

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The Department of Science and Technology , Government of Nagaland, is based in Kohima, and publishes a website titles Science and Technology -Nagaland . This site introduces activities of the Nagaland Science and Technology Council (NASTEC) and Nagaland Science Centre , Dimapu.

(Last update 17.11.2018)