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Tiberius Brastaviceanu

From Watu Afrika's blog

@Tiberius Brastaviceanu started 9 years ago - replies: 0

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Yusuf Abdu Misau
13/02/10 12:11:31PM @yusuf-abdu-misau:
Hi everyone, I am the "new baby" of science in Africa. Kudos to Peter for the splendid job. My goal in this group is prop up discussions about African public health matters. Nice to meet you all.
29/11/08 06:11:33PM @daniel-akoko:
Congratulations for having succeeded in providing the continent with a forum for articulating science issues. Indeed, the publication, its editors and readers need to conduct education and advocacy campaigns to rally governments in Africa to invest adequately in science for development.By signing up, my intention would be to use every available resources I can marshall to this noble cause.


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