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Renata Stasiak - Betlejewska
13/02/13 10:51:35PM @renata-stasiak-betlejewska:

Dear collegues,

In the name of Institute of Production Engineering and the Managers of Quality and Production Association, I have a great pleasure to invite you for the next edition of WoodEMA conference that will be held in Gdask on 29-31 May in 2013 at the hotel ORLE on the Polish seacoast in the wood reserve called Birds paradise.

Conference will include not only scientific session devoted to presentation of articles on forestry, wood processing and furniture manufacturing but also there will be a chance to be trained by Polish Patent Office people in the range of Protection of intellectual property, what is related to trademarks protection, patent calls preparing and authorship rights that are so important at scientist and teacher work.

The conference will be also a chance to confront scientist view with industry representatives opinions on forecast on woodworking industry.

Conference materials will be edited in the form of proceedings, monographies and journal.

Besides there will be a chance to take a part in competition on the best presentation and relax in the surrounding of the local forest and seacoast of the Baltic Sea on Gdask Sobieszewo Island.

The conference place: Hotel ORLE Gdask Sobieszewo.

We will help you in booking a room for the conference. If you want to stay there longer, please inform us as soon as it possible to support you the best rooms.

If you want to take a look at Gdask city, please open presentation that you can find in attachement.

Best regards,

Ing. Renata Stasiak-Betlejewska, PhD.

ErasmusandCeepus programme coordinator

Institute of Production Engineering

Faculty of Management

Czestochowa University of Technology


mobile: +48508300 064A_WoodEMA2013%20invitation.doc

Amos Owusu
05/09/11 08:09:06PM @amos-owusu:
i need advice on publishing as a career
David R. Purnell, MA, AMI
15/03/11 12:45:20PM @david-r-purnell-ma-ami:
Well said, Dennis.

Dennis McCunney
14/03/11 03:58:32AM @dennis-mccunney:

@Daniel: I think you need to distinguish between media and format.

Media obsolescence is well known. How many people can still read the once popular 8" floppy disk? For that matter, the 5.25" and 3.5" inch varieties are becoming endangered species, and most forms of media will degrade over time. Paper is no exception to this, and a large number of books not printed on acid free paper are in the process of crumbling.

But format may be a worse issue, as even if you can read the media, you may no longer have access to the software that can understand and display the format. There are all manner of once popular programs that no longer exist, often running on hardware that no longer exists, which used proprietary formats from documents created with them. Have fun recovering the content.

About the best we can hope for is what seems to be taking place now: a broadly based shift to XML as the underlying document storage format. It's an intermediate format, text based, using tags to describe the document structure and format, and XSLT to transform it into desired output formats.

XML, together with a shift to Internet based storage, helps "future proof" such things, as it's far easier to migrate information to different media as older forms become obsolete, and far easier to read and manipulate it as desired.

Speaking personally, I have thousands of paper volumes in my library, but also have thousands of electronic volumes, and delight in being able to carry a library in my pocket.



Daniel Büchner
03/02/11 11:09:29PM @daniel-buchner:
Yeah, but stone DOES have a few shortcommings if it comes to sending a book by post -- the postage will kill you!!!
Research Cooperative
03/02/11 10:51:14PM @chief-admin:
1_groups.jpg?width=300 Let's not stop at paper. Stone is even better!
Daniel Büchner
03/02/11 10:46:47PM @daniel-buchner:

Hello to all,

as a publisher I'm looking forward to this group.

Publishing SHOULD be a process of dialogue between publisher and author -- regrettably this is not always so! and I would like to revive such virtues again ... ;-)))

Although e-publishing in its various forms is a great thing, speeding the exchange of information enomously, I still settle on books -- especially after looking on 10 year old CDs with o number of PDFs and other files, which are frequently not readable any more -- my books still are...

Unless someone garantees, that a e-publication will still be readable in 100 years time I will stay with my nice old-fashioned books...


Stephen Tiano
24/10/10 01:39:12AM @stephen-tiano:
I'm very interested in joining the Publishers and Production Services Group. As a freelance book designer/page compositor, I'd obviously like to network with other production artists. But I'd also like to reach out to publishers, especially publishers of math and science (as that is where some of my heaviest experience lies), both to offer my freelance services and to get a sense from them whether there's some way to approach publishers of their stripe that would more likely garner me more paying projects.
Research Cooperative
28/07/09 08:10:40PM @chief-admin:
A publication list has been prepared, recording publications enjoyed by members of the Research Cooperative on their profile pages. This does not include publications noted in member bibliographies.