"Topographic" journal titles

Research Cooperative
17/03/18 09:45:11PM

I wonder how many journals or publishers indicate a topographic focus in the journal or publisher name?

Here are some examples:

Mountains: Highlander Books , Journal of Mountain Science Mountain Research and Development

Islands: Island Studies Journal , Shima Journal , The Journal of Island Studies ,

Lakes: Journal of Lake Sciences , Journal of Limnology , Lake and Rerservoir Management Journal ,

Rivers: International Journal of River Basin Management , River Research and Applications , River Systems ,

What other topographic categories are covered by book and journal publishers?

Research Cooperative
15/06/18 07:59:39AM @chief-admin:

Not to be missed! 

Cartographica: The  International Journal   for Geographic Information  

"An official publication of the  Canadian Cartographic Association Cartographica  provides a forum for the exchange of original perspectives and innovative findings in the production, design, use, cognitive understanding, and novel applications of maps in arts, cartography, computer science, economy, engineering, geography, history, medicine, health, and surveying."