A multi-part question on Ethnobotanical Databases.

Matt Herman
04/05/09 03:16:41AM
Here's a question from a layman. Let's say I want to know about plants and a particular cultural group or region of the world. What single site can I go on the web to enter the name of that group or region to retrieve a *list* of the scientific names of some of the most significant plants related to that culture and a brief summary of their medicinal, ritual or religious significance?If there is no such database and website, why isn't there? On the surface it doesn't seem to be a super-gargantuan task to create something even of limited coverage to start (which could of course be amplified on an on-going basis).A list of scientific names would seem to me to be a very solid starting point (being in a sense the "primary key") for all the elaborate internet-based research we already know is possible.If such a thing already exists, please drop me a link to it.Matt