Communicate simple ideas to foreign scholars in botany (field/ethno-emphasis)

Matt Herman
29/08/09 07:24:29AM
Dear group,I'd like to introduce a simple idea for a web-based application. Some of this may have already been done, but I doubt in exactly the spirit I am proposing it here.Let's say I am in Estonia and meet a botanist there. We do not speak each others language. Wouldn't it be nice to have an up-to-date, simple list of say 120 *basic* words and phrases that pertain to botanical field work for us to use to communicate? Things like "What is this plant called?" (Including a clear audio recording)This application would NOT be a linguistic tour de force, but as simple as can possibly be, (even if it has to sacrifice some accuracy or correctness) it will also NOT be large or comprehensive (we may have "leaf" and "stem" etc. but not much more specificity than that, everyday words only--with a skew towards field/ethno botany)A couple questions I like to pose:1. What do you think of the idea? (the good and the bad)2. Would anyone like to help? I can handle the database/web part of it. I would need: help defining the list of words/phrases, help translating, help recording words/phrases.Thanks,Matt Herman