JPHA first issue announced

Research Cooperative
04/09/10 10:21:33AM
Dear members,

Yusuf has announced that the first issue of the Journal of Public Health in Africa is now available at .

It would be good if this forum can be used to discuss how to build wider support for the journal among readers, contributors, editors and translators. For example, a PDF flier could be designed and uploaded here so that members can print out copies onto paper and distribute them in suitable locations, as opportunities arise.

Also, if the journal is operating as an NPO/NGO there may be opportunities to freely advertise the journal in NGO/NPO websites and newsletters, and in newspapers that offer free space for NGOS and NPOs.

Cheers, Peter

Yusuf Abdu Misau
11/09/10 08:22:51AM @yusuf-abdu-misau:
Dear Peter, Thanks for these suggestions, actually funding is the greatest challenge to overcome now, I am not sure if there are organizations we can contact directly for sponsorship.